Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Birthday Girls

My daughters are 46 years old today.  Unbelievable!  To me they are still my little girls.  I remember the day they were born like it was yesterday.  I went into labor on the 4th of December.  I was alone since my husband was in the service at the time so my mom came over to stay with me until it was time to go to the hospital.  Finally at about 8pm that night we decided to go but the girls were not born until Sunday afternoon at 4:40 and 4:42 pm.  What a day that was!  My dad had always teased me that he couldn't love me more if there were two just like me and then suddenly there were!  I remember that was the first thing I said to him when they wheeled me back to my room. "Hey Daddy, there are two just like me!

I was a young mom at 21 and a little overwhelmed with two babies but I always felt like I had won the lottery.  They were the cutest things even if I couldn't tell them apart.  There was only 6 oz. difference in their weight and they were both exactly 16 1/2 inches long.  I finally had to paint their toenails just so I wouldn't get them mixed up.

They didn't meet their daddy until they were almost 5 months old and unfortunately he only remained in their lives until the age of 5.  That's when we divorced and I'll never understand how he could have just walked away from the girls.  I always wonder if he remembers them on their birthday or if he has erased them completely from his mind.

No matter.......it was his loss for they are beautiful and wonderful young women.

We are off to have a birthday dinner with the girls and their Uncle Mike is more excited for an excuse to party that anybody!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

We finished up some last minute shopping today.  I made Ron pick out the wallet he wants because I had no clue what to get.  He also got some things for his daughter and grandson.  Guess I will be wrapping them tomorrow.

I am subbing in pre-k tomorrow afternoon.  I haven't been to school in awhile since I've been nursing this bronchitis but I think I'm better today.  Still coughing but not as bad.  Seems like everyone I know has this crud.

I love pretty wrapped packages and normally hate gift bags but when I get down to the last few it is so tempting to just put them in bags and move on.  Our tree is so full of gifts I'm running out of space to put any more.

All I want for Christmas is a recount that would turn the whole election null and void.  Can such a thing happen?  If it could now that would be a true Christmas miracle.

I heard Trump was tweeting fast and furious while Saturday Night Live was airing last night.  Doesn't this man have anything else better to do?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

For all practical purposes my Christmas shopping is done.  I've wrapped all the gifts and they are under the tree.  All this done while fighting yet another round of bronchitis.  With the exception of coughing my fool head off and blowing my nose every 6 seconds I really don't feel too bad.  I went to the doctor yesterday and got two shots, two inhalers, a steroid pack and cough medicine.  If this stuff doesn't kill me I should be cured shortly.

Ron and I have really struggled with this whole election.  He didn't vote for Trump but in my opinion voting for a 3rd party was a vote for him none the less.  He said he just couldn't vote for Hillary because he didn't trust her.  I asked him if he trusted Trump and he said no.  Makes no sense to me.  But then nothing about this election ever made sense to me.

I enjoyed having the house to myself today.  Ron was with Mike watching a football game.  I cooked all Mike's meals for next week and have them ready to deliver tomorrow.  I also managed to clean the house and mop all the floors.  Felt good to just get it all done. 

Ron and I bought ourselves a family gift, a new refrigerator.  We have wanted a french door refrigerator for quite some time.  I needed a bigger freezer for all the meals I prepare for Mike and the side-by-side just wouldn't work.  Everything was so crowded.  I have to say I LOVE the new refrigerator!!!!  Everything is so easy to get to and the freezer is wonderful!  Home Depot had a 40% off sale and it was the perfect time to get one.  Next year I've decided to get a new gas range.  Currently I have an electric glass top range but I really want to convert to a gas range.

Tomorrow I plan to make eggnog bread.  Now it's time to take another breathing treatment and then it's off to bed I go.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

For fear of sounding over dramatic I have been in numerous states of depression, disbelief, shock and sadness since the election.  I have tried to refrain of reading social media as well as listening to the news for each new revelation is more disturbing than the last.  I'm sick of hearing that democrats are poor losers and cry babies from the right.  This is coming from the party that bitched non-stop for 8 years about Obama claiming he wasn't an American citizen to calling his wife and children gorillas. The only complaints I've had about Trump are about the words and threats that have come from his own mouth.  Not fictitious crap fed to me by the GOP.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Winne the Pooh

Yesterday I subbed in pre-k and heard one of the funniest stories ever told by a teacher.  Mrs. Tims, who teaches kindergarten, told us how she went into her classroom bathroom and found pooh in the toilet along with a button magnet from one of their games.  She asked the last child that was in the bathroom to tell her what happened.  He reported he dropped the magnet in the toilet when he went to the bathroom.  

She then turned around to tell the onlookers that this was why they are not to bring toys into the bathroom.  

Just then she felt a tap on her back and turned to see the culprit holding the magnet in his hand, arm wet to his shoulder.  He held out his hand and said, "Here, I got it".  

Horrified, Mrs. Tims asks, "Was that Your pooh?"


And this dear parents is why all children should be vaccinated!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Give me a break

This whole election has gotten so crazy I find myself awake at 3:00 am thinking about it.  It has to be the nastiest election in history.  The insane accusations people have made about Hillary Clinton are just that....insane.  They have accused her of everything from stealing White House furniture to murder. 

Here's what gets me.  Are you telling me that there is not at least one republican politician or prosecutor in all the land smart enough to find evidence to charge her with a crime let alone prosecute her for one?  Not one?  Come on people where is the logic in that?  And they call democrats "libtards"!  Really...............................

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weddings & Pinterest "It's a good thing"

Wedding plans continue.  I think it is so neat that there are so many sites online to get ideas for weddings or just about anything else one wants.  Jamie has decided to have a cupcake tower topped with a small wedding cake for she and her groom to cut.  She looked online for inspiration and chose this one.

The only change she wants to make is adding a small wedding cake on top for she and the groom to cut.  I thought this was very sweet for a small brunch reception and will not be too expensive to duplicate.  I found an inexpensive cupcake tower on Ebay and purchased it.  If we gather things along the way it will spread out the expense for the next 7 months.

This is a dress I chose for myself.

I don't know what period this is styled after but I love the dress.  It goes with the style my daughter chose and what my other daughter will be wearing.  I haven't ordered it yet because I still want to lose another 20 pounds first.  I'm making progress slowly but surely.  I'm down almost 60 pounds from where I started 2 years ago.  Ron has lost about 30 pounds.  He looks sooooo good.  I'm so proud of him.

Since I have more time to work on the weight loss I won't order the dress until the end of April.  Of course I'm taking a chance that it will still be available.  If not I'll find something else!